May 3, 2023

From Loss to Profit!

My husband used to do trading on a ship. Due to sudden loss in the business and infamy he stopped doing this business and is under depression for the past 10 years. Under such circumstances, I attended “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting and prayed, “Lord if I have done any mistake, please forgive me.” I was comforted by the message that Brother T Stephen gave that day titles “Lord goes before you!” During personal prayer he prophesied, “You have successively faced failure, from this time Jesus goes before you. So, whatever you do henceforth you will only see victory!” What a wonder! Within a few months my husband was able to resume the same business and reap much more multifold blessings than before. I thank God for this glorious miracle. May His name be glorified!

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