July 13, 2020

Freedom from pain and cancer.

My name is Jenifer, I am from Chetpet. For 6 months I had a swelling near my tooth. A new tooth was growing but it was covered with flesh and would not come out fully. The doctors said that only if the tooth comes out, they will be able to extract it. If it doesn’t come out they said it could turn cancerous.

They treated the area and I was fine for one month. After 1 month I got the same pain again and that area had become red. I was unable to speak, eat, or even brush. The pain was too much and unbearable. Then one day I came for an Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal meeting. Brother Stephen was praying after the sermon and from the stage, he called out prophetically saying- The cancer boil beneath the tooth is being healed. I completely believed the words God had given him. I went home and only that day I had the pain in that area. After that until now, I have no pain at all. I am completely healed and I’m able to eat properly. All praise be to the Lord. 

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