April 14, 2020

Freedom from depression

Praise the Lord. We come from Royapuram. 6 months back I had an attack of acute depression.  I was suffering terribly and going to the hospital and getting treatment which didn’t help much. A few months later I came to a meeting by Bro Stephen. Before leaving that meeting I prayed fervently for myself. After that my spirit was lifted and I was set free from my illness, I could go about the day and do things by myself without negative thoughts bringing me down. 

Because of my depression, for the past 4 months my business was going down very badly. When we prayed with Bro Stephen about this he said that the doors of financial blessings are going to be opened in your life. We went back home and just kept praying with the promise that God had given us through Brother. 4 days later I got an offer from Canada telling me about my wonderful job benefits and asking me to make arrangements to go there. I give all the praise and glory to God and thank Brother Stephen for praying for us.

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