May 15, 2020

Freedom from debt.

Praise the Lord. I work in the Cine field and have worked in 350 films but I had a lot of difficulty financially and was caught in debt. It was a suffering that I could not share with anyone. I used to watch Brother Stephen on TV and wanted to somehow come and attend the APO. When I was finally able to attend it, I witnessed a young brother testify about his debt problems. He said that he was in debt but now I am lending to others.

When I heard this, I believed that I should also pay back my debts and must be able to lend to many others. After I attended this meeting and went back to Bangalore, immediately the Lord blessed me with a car. My debt of 5 lakhs was resolved in just three days. Today, the Lord has blessed me to lend to people a sum of Rs 3 lakhs. All praise be to God.

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