July 11, 2022

Double miracle!

Praise the Lord, I am Anlin Justin from Kanyakumari District. As I had participated in a strike with my college mates the college administration refused to grant me any internal marks. So, I failed in my exam. My mother came to the “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting and gave a prayer request for me. God graciously enabled me to find favour with everyone and helped me to pass in first class. Still once I completed my studies, I suffered a lot as I was unable to get any job. Once again, I came to the “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting and prayed with Brother T Stephen. He gave this Mangala Vaarthai, “I will exalt you like the finest cluster of grapes. I will seat you among kings and leaders.” In the same way I got a job in Muscat as a supervisor. I recently received the employment order with promotion for the job of an engineer with an increase in remuneration. I give all glory to God who heard Brother’s prayers and did all these miracles in my life.

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