April 19, 2022

Double Miracle!

Praise the Lord, I am Prema from Royapuram, Chennai. I watch all Brother T. Stephen’s television programs regularly. About 2 months back I lost a 6gm ring in my house. I searched the whole house but alas I could not find it. In one TV program Brother prayed like this, “Let every item that is lost be found in Jesus name.”  I joined with him and prayed for my lost ring. To my utter delight, the ring that I had lost was found. Furthermore, during the months of December and January I was suffering from cold, fever and breathing difficulty. I feared that I was affected with Corona virus.  Once again during a TV program Brother prayed like this, “Your infirmities are healed”. The very same day I was completely healed. I praise God for hearing Brother’s prayers and doing these miracles in my life!

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