June 3, 2020

Delivered a healthy child.

Praise be to the name of the Lord. I am Annie from Nagercoil. After our marriage, our first child got aborted. We went through a very depressing season in our lives during that time for almost 3 months. Uncle’s meeting took place in one day Karungal and I prayed with him individually. He prophesied over my life saying that the Lord will bless me with the fruit of my womb that year. I thought it would not be possible because my husband was abroad and I didn’t have plans of going there. But still, we prayed about it. The very next month God took me abroad to my husband and we again had the hope that God would bless us with the fruit of the womb.

But as every month kept passing by, I went through complication after complication. We kept emailing Uncle about everything that was happening and we used to watch his programs on TV. In one such program he said- No matter what situation you are in, whatever you ask for in faith, God will grant it to you. 

I still had bleeding in the first few months that I was abroad. But a few months later I found out that I had conceived. 

Then the Doctors told me that because of my PCOD and thyroid condition, this baby will also probably be aborted. 

In the fifth month of pregnancy, I went for a scan and they said that the baby had issues in brain development. 

In the seventh month, I suffered from chickenpox. 

Even the day before my delivery, I had complications and the Doctor said my son had to be operated on immediately. 

I held onto the words and promises given to Uncle from God and said God, you are the one who kept my child safe this far. I will testify in Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal meeting if you help me deliver without any problem to my child. Against all odds, God gave me this healthy baby boy that day. May the Lord’s name be praised. 

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