March 16, 2022

Debt problem resolved!

Praise the Lord, I am Pavithra, from Nagercoil. Many years back my father incurred a debt of 17 lakhs due to heavy loss in his business. Due to this as a family, we were in distress. Despite selling all our land and business products we were unable to repay the loan. So, we decided to sell our house, but all our efforts proved futile. It was during such circumstances that we saw Brother T Stephen’s program on Angel TV. The message that Brother shared on that program was exactly meant for our family. Then, my mother and I attended the “Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal” fasting meeting. During personal prayer, Brother gave this Mangala Vaarthai, “In 3 days you will see a miracle”. In the same way, in 3 days we were able to sell our house. God enabled us to repay all our loans, we give Him all the glory!

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