May 27, 2020

Complete and immediate healing.

Praise be to the name of the Lord. My name is Ezhilarasi from Thiruninravur. My son was affected by a severe allergy last month. He has had a similar episode of this allergy long before and at that time it had spread from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Even his eyes were covered and his entire body used to swell up. But this time he was in the 12th standard, and I was very worried about him.

So immediately I called up God’s Love Ministries. I told them that he has an allergy and that he had to write 12th exams this year. They prayed sincerely for him and told us to apply prayed oil while saying prayers of faith. I didn’t have prayed oil at home at that time but I had anointing oil from Israel. I applied it all over my son and prayed saying – Lord, by today afternoon, I must not see a single rash, please heal him. Within just a few hours after praying with God’s Love Ministries my son received complete healing in his entire body. I praise God for his miracles.

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