March 1, 2022

Blessed with triplets!

Praise the Lord, I am Selva Roseline from Arumuganeri , For the past 7 years I was in deep anguish as I was yet to be blessed with a gift of child. All efforts for medical treatment proved futile. In faith I participated in the Tindivanam meeting organised by Brother T Stephen. Brother prayed was especially for those longing to have children. Brother gave this Mangala Vaarthai, “Heavenly treasure is falling in your stomach. Delayed hope makes the heart ill, but fulfilled longing is a tree of life.” During prayer time, I felt the heavenly treasure fill my stomach. To my utter amazement, that same month I became pregnant.  And in due time delivered triplets. I praise God for hearing Brother T Stephen’s prayers and blessing me with triplets. May His name be glorified!

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