May 13, 2019

Blessed with a Wonderful Job

Praise the Lord.

I am Nickson. I had come for the meeting ANBARIN PAATHATHIL ORU NAAL in the month of February. From the beginning of the meeting until the end, I was in tears because I was never able to get a job. After the meeting was over, the individual prayer was going on. When my turn came for the individual prayer, Uncle asked me, “What is the problem? Why are you crying!” I said, “Uncle, I have attended many interviews. I used to get shortlisted and they would tell me that I would receive a call. But I never received any call.” Then Uncle prayed for me and said, “You will not receive a call with regard to your job, rather you will receive an offer letter. You will get the appointment letter in the next week.” I believed that and went in faith. Similarly, the following week, I received a call from TATA BOEING. I have completed my diploma in Mechanical engineering. But the call I received was from the field of aeronautics. They called and told me that I must join that work in the following week. By the grace of God, I got a wonderful job.

I praise the Lord for giving me a wonderful job. I also thank Uncle for praying for me.


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