April 28, 2020

Blessed double measure.

Praise the Lord, We come from Thoothukudi. My wife and I did not have a child for three whole years after marriage. 

Two years earlier Brother Stephen conducted a family blessing prayer meeting. We went to him and cried and prayed. We told him that we desperately wanted to be blessed with a child. Brother prayed for us with a burden and said- do not worry, surely the Lord will give you the fruit of the womb this year. By God’s leading, Brother knew in his spirit that we will be blessed with a child soon and so he asked if we will testify in the Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal meeting and we said yes, surely we will. 

Just as he said, God blessed us with the fruit of the womb that year. When my wife was 3 months pregnant, Brother had come to Tirunelveli for a convention meeting. We went to him and told him with great happiness that the Lord gave us the fruit of the womb and we prayed with him again. This time Brother said that when this child is born all our famine and poverty will be gone from our lives. He said, “You will be blessed and you will build homes”. 

Every word of his prophecy was fulfilled by God. After this child was born, the Lord took away our poverty little by little every day and uplifted us. Till then we could not afford much but after the baby came, the Lord gave us the grace to buy lands for ourselves. All praise to God for letting me give this testimony.

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