February 17, 2022

A Miracle for my Grandson

Praise the Lord, I am Thangam from Karungal, on March 2nd, my grandson Preston Reno was hit by a motorcycle and hurt badly when he was playing on the street.  We admitted him immediately for treatment in the hospital.  After taking a head scan the doctors said, “There is haemorrhage in your brain due to nerve damage.” So, we took him to a bigger hospital. The doctors advised us to go in for a surgery immediately. We were all very distressed upon hearing this diagnosis. We contacted the Nagercoil prayer tower and requested the prayer warriors to pray for him. We also prayed with Brother T. Stephen over the phone. To our amazement that very day the haemorrhaging stopped. God healed him completely without any surgery. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for hearing Brother’s prayers and granting perfect healing to my grandson. Hallelujah!

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