March 31, 2020

A miracle baby

We didn’t have a child for 5 years after marriage. We prayed a lot and went for a lot of treatment but nothing worked. After seeing the reports the doctors said that we would have to try to do a test tube baby.  In the month of february 2016, there was an ATO meeting. There we prayed with Uncle. He prayed for us with a burden and he shed tears for us when he prayed. After praying he said daughter don’t be afraid, worried or disturbed.God has already given you a baby.  8 days later we took a test and it was positive! I was so surprised, I couldn’t believe it at all. All the doctor reports were deemed false. God has blessed us with a healthy baby without any treatment at all. I thank God for doing this for us and I thank Bro Stephen for interceding with God on our behalf.

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