March 31, 2020

A marriage against all odds.

My name is Prathiba, two years back we were looking for an alliance for my elder sister. Due to financial constraints we had planned to conduct the marriage after selling a piece of land that we owned. We tried so hard to sell it but nothing fell through. We spoke to Uncle during a meeting and he said don’t wait for the land to be sold. Start making preparations for the marriage now itself. He said that God is about to do a miracle in your life and the marriage is going to be conducted nicely. He said our debt issues will be solved and that all the doors of financial blessing will be opened. And just like that one by one all our debts were resolved. Soon we were not only debt free but had enough and more money to conduct the wedding .The marriage happened in a grand manner. We didn’t have to ask anyone for money. Everything happened in a way far greater than we could’ve even imagined. All praises to God and thanks to Stephen Uncle for praying for us and guiding us.

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