June 6, 2020

A brand new heart.

Praise the Lord, my name is Anandharaj from Perambur. A few years back I was suffering from severe heart illness. I was admitted in Apollo and the Doctors said that they needed to perform surgery on me. Me and my family were devastated and troubled. 

My daughter got in touch with Brother Stephen. He heard what happened and prayed for my health. God gave him a prophetic word saying- “I am giving you a new healthy heart in the place of your old one. This sickness will no longer trouble you”. 

Just as he said, in two days I was sent back home from the hospital, without any operation. Ever since that prayer, I haven’t had any heart problems. My heart has been miraculously replaced. I thank the Lord for doing a wondrous thing for me. I also thank beloved Brother for praying for me.

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