June 10, 2020

A blessing for anxious parents.

My daughter’s marriage was being constantly hindered. As parents, we were getting really worried as she was 26 years old. Every month, my husband, daughter and I used to come to Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal meeting and get prayed for from Brother.  During one meeting, I was standing in the queue to get prayer and I made a commitment to the Lord. I said, Lord if my daughter gets married this year, I will testify on this stage and give glory to your name. 

After prayer, my daughter came and told me- Mummy, Uncle prayed and said that God will bring an alliance for me from a foreign land. Just as Brother had prophesied, the Lord brought my son-in-law from a foreign land and the marriage took place in an organized and wonderful manner. I thank the Lord for He is faithful indeed. I also thank Brother for praying for us.

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