May 24, 2022

Hurdle was removed by God

Praise the Lord! I am Sheeba from Crompet, Chennai. Due to Corona my wedding was cancelled. And because of this I was in depression. Everyone who met me further traumatized me by saying, “You have some fault in your stars, that is why there is a hindrance for your marriage.” Four times my wedding would be fixed, invitations were printed but the marriage did not materialize. My mother attended the Anbarin Paathathil Orunaal fasting meeting and prayed for me. After this my marriage was fixed for May 24th, 2021. Ten days before the wedding one day when I was travelling to distribute invitations I met with an accident and my bones were broken in 3 places. The doctors who were treating me said there was no way that I would become fine in 10 days. Since 3 crucial bones were broken the doctors told me that even if I got married, I could never give birth to a child. They said that I would be bedridden. But God did a miracle, at the appointed date my marriage took place, and I was perfectly fine. Now I am 9 months pregnant. I thank God for hearing Brother’s prayer and conducting my marriage and granting me good health. Hallelujah!

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