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God of wonders

Praise the Lord. I have been suffering with severe pain in my hand. Even after visiting the doctor and undergoing treatments, there was no improvement. Three months ago, I attended this meeting and got prayed from Brother Stephen. That very same month, the Lord gave me complete deliverance from all my pain.

I have had severe bloating in my stomach due to the trouble of acidity. When I told this to Brother, he laid hands upon my stomach and prayed that all bondage will be broken. Exactly as Brother prayed, the Lord healed me.

My husband’s lungs were affected due to severe cold and he was unable to eat. He was also under treatment. Brother placed his hands upon his chest and prayed saying, “The Lord will make you to stand as a testimony.” We believed in those words. Likewise, when we had taken various tests, the results for both my husband and me were all normal. The Lord gave us complete healing.

I thank and praise the Lord for healing my husband and me. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for us.

The Lord cured me from diabetes

Praise the Lord. I am Shanthi, coming from Trichy. I have been suffering from diabetes for the past eight years. Even on taking medicines, the sugar levels did not go below 350. One day, when we were watching Brother Stephen’s T.V program, he shared a testimony saying, “At this meeting ANBARIN PAATHATHIL ORU NAAL, the angels of God are preparing the food for you here. When you have the food, the Lord will cure you from all sickness.” Believing and trusting that the Lord will cure my disease, we came here and I had this food that was prepared at this meeting. The power of the Lord worked in me through the food that I ate and now my sugar levels have decreased a lot. I thank and Praise God for this.

I thank and praise the Lord for these blessings in my life. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.

The Lord gave me Victory

Praise the Lord. I am coming from Arumbakkam. I completed my MBBS in Russia in the year 2013. In India, we have a screening exam (MCI) Medical Council of India Screening Test. I wrote that exam many times but was unable to clear it. When I came for the meeting ANBARIN PAATHATHIL ORU NAAL, Uncle Stephen prayed for me and said, “This time, you will have success.” According to that, I appeared for the same exam on December 14, 2018 and I got my result in the month of January. The Lord gave me victory in my exams.

I thank the Lord for this victory. I also thank Uncle Stephen for praying for me.


The Lord cured my cancer boil

Praise the Lord. I am Jennifer Devendhri. I am from Chetpet. For the past six months, I had swelling in my tooth. A new tooth was growing. But it was covered with flesh and it did not come out. The doctor told that only if the tooth starts to come out of the flesh, it can be extracted. If not, it could grow into cancer. I underwent the treatment. After which it was fine. After a month or so, I developed the same pain once again. I had redness in that area. I was unable to speak, eat or even brush. The pain was severe. I came to this meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal in the last month. Brother Stephen said prophetically that “All cancer boils beneath the tooth is being vanished.” I believed and received that word. I went home in faith that I will be cured. That pain lasted only till that day. After that, until now, I have not had any pain. I am perfectly fine. I am able to eat well.

I thank and praise God for healing me. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.


The Lord Healed me

Praise the Lord. I am from Tirupur. I had a tumor in my breast. I was struggling with severe pain. The doctor checked and told that the tumor was big in size and so I had to undergo an operation in two days. I was devastated. I did not know what to do. In that two days gap, I came here and attended the meeting Anbarin Paathathil Oru Naal. I came here in tears.
As Brother Stephen prayed for me he said, “May this tumor vanish in the name of Jesus.” I went back in faith. The following day when I went to the doctor to take a scan, they checked and told me that the tumor had vanished.

I thank and praise the Lord for this great miracle. I also thank Brother Stephen for praying for me.


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