Prayer Festival

Bro.Stephen who went through poverty in his early life was touched by the love and compassion of Christ. The love of God transformed his life. When God called him to do His work, Bro.Stephen was obedient to take u the mantle and zealously is sharing the love of God to people.

By the guidance of the Lord, special prayer meetings in the name of Anbarin pathathil oru naal (Fasting Prayer) (A day at the feet of the Lord) and Aaruthalai Thedi Oru Naal (A day in search of comfort) .Prayer Meetings are conducted in Chennai. People in India and from different parts of the world come and attend the meeting. Bro. Stephen waits at the feet of the Lord for days together to get a word from the Lord. God fills him with His anointing and the anointing delivers the people . Every month , there is an over flow of crowd in these meetings.

God has given him the vision to start the Anbarin pathathil oru naal and Aaruthalai thedi oru naal meetings in different parts of India and Abroad apart from Chennai.

Apart from these events, God is taking Bro.Stephen to different parts of the world to share the message of love and deliver the people from the clutches of the evil.

The expense to conduct an event is huge. Expenses are incurred from the publicity, ground or auditorium hiring, charges for the stage, lighting, and PA systems, Chairs , lunch provided for the people after the meeting etc.

We also webcast our event and plan to telecast the meetings live in future.

Your sponsorship will go a long way to reach the unreached and preach the gospel to all. You can donate Rs.100 , Rs.500 . Rs.1000 or as lead by God. Click to donate online.

You can also sponsor the expenses of various requirements like

  • Publicity
  • Venue
  • Physical Arrangements

  • PA System
  • Food
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