October 29, 2020

Wonders beyond Numbers - Bro. T. Stephen

I greet and bless everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. The blessed word that God has given for you today is from the book of Job 5:9 which says, “He does wonders beyond numbers.”
From the above verse we understand that our God does wonders or miracles for those who put their trust in Him. Job was badly affected by the loss of his wealth, property and his ten children on the very same day. He couldn’t bear the crisis, yet He boldly said, the Lord gave and the Lord has taken. He was confident that God was able to do miracles for him and get back all that he had lost in his life. According to this verse God is going to do miracles for you, and your children. Our God does not tell lies. Our God is good. He is a good God. He does instant miracles. If you believe you will see the glory of God. God says, that He will perform miracles to those who humble themselves on their knees.
Job’s friend Eliphaz, reminds Job, that no affliction comes by chance, but by committing sin. As Job was going through severe affliction, his friends started criticising him. They blamed him that he should have committed some crime to suffer such affliction. The difference between prosperity and adversity is not so easily observed, as that between day and night, summer and winter; but it is according to the will and counsel of God. But Job did not sin against God. At the end Job was blessed in a double measure.
God says, He will hold your hands and lead you. He will perform many miracles for you before the very eyes of all the people who once cursed you, because of jealousy. Many considered you useless and good for nothing. Such people shall see you being exalted in the days to come since you have come under the wings of the mighty God of Israel, to take refuge. All those who caused pain to you shall see you. All those who despised you shall see you. God says, “Until I accomplish this promise, I will neither leave you nor forsake you. ” So be confident in the Lord like Job. God will bless you with double fold blessings.
Prayer: Our loving heavenly Father, we thank You for this blessed day. Lord help to acknowledge You as our Lord and Master even though we go through troubles and trials. May we have the patience to endure all the sufferings that we go through. Teach us to wait on the Lord in prayer and supplication. And thus renew our strength in God as Job did and therefore he was blessed a double fold. Bless us too as you had blessed him.
In Jesus name we pray.

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