November 24, 2021

The Lord Will Restore. - Bro. T. Stephen

My   Dear   Brother  and  Sister in Christ, I greet and bless you in the name of our Creator, Maker, and ever unforgettable Lord Jesus Christ. The Blessed word that the  Lord   has  given  for you today is from the book of  Zechariah  9:12 says, “Return to the strong hold. You prisoners of hope.  Even today I declare, that I will restore double to you. ”

My Dear Brother And Sister, God will show favour to you. Today you shall receive salvation. And today God is about to bless you with double blessing. But you need to return to your strong hold. But who is your strong hold?    Your strong hold should be Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of your faith. If you cling to Him then he will give you double blessing. God is not saying that you will receive double blessing in the future. But today you shall receive double blessing which means that you will receive double blessing in the present state of your life.  Firstly you should receive salvation then you shall receive double blessing  from God. To receive the blessing  you need to ask God. You must pray  or call upon His name. Pray with tears. Fast and pray. The Bible says, ‘’Arise cry out, in the night, at the beginning of the watches. Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord. Lift up your hands towards Him.’’ Apostle Paul in his Epistles encourages us to pray  for all  men,   especially for those who are in authority, that you may lead  a peaceable life, in all godliness  and reverence.

My Dear Brother and Sister, God expects us to believe that we will receive double blessing. God is not a man that he should  lie.   Has He said, and will   He not do?   Or has He spoken   and will  He not make it good.? I tell you God is so good. In order that you should  taste of His love, God is going to perform a miracle for you. May be you are waiting for a promotion. But God will give you double promotion. Are you looking out for an increment in your payment?  The Lord will give you double increment. Some of you while   reading this message are thinking , “ I have no house of my own. I am living in rented house”   So  you ask the Lord to give you  a house. But the Lord will give you more than one house, if He desires to give you. You shall receive double anointing from God as Elisha received double fold blessing according to his desire, from prophet Elijah,   while he was taken up to heaven. God wants to bless your spiritual aspect of life too, so He wants to fill you with special anointing of prayer. For   only prayer can open the heart of God. When Job prayed to God for his friends, then he   was released, from his  own captivity. And received double portion of blessing. Some of you reading this message failed to pray regularly. Therefore you have lost many good things which God had in store for you. Start praying from today onwards   as the spirit of prayer, is falling right now upon you.

My Dear Brother and Sister, If  you obey the commandments of God  then you shall receive double portion of blessing.  Some of you have been praying,  but due to disappointments, you have stopped praying.  As a result you have lost many good things,  in life. You have not been able to shine. Since you have lost the salvation of Christ, you have become very unsuccessful. You don’t receive favour from anyone.   No one appreciates your work or your effort. You have been rejected by all. But God is merciful, to you and wants to pour His blessings, upon you. Therefore God wants you to rejuvenate,   in you the spirit of prayer   and supplication. And receive the free gift of salvation. Then you shall see the favour of God being poured upon you in an abundant manner. Are you willing to receive the spirit of prayer,  then you shall receive    double portion of Blessing. God Bless you. 

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father, we  thank   You   for  this  blessed day. Dear Lord,   We praise You because You have given us free gift of salvation. Help us to adhere to your commandments as recorded in the word of God. May we receive the spirit of prayer and continue in our prayer life.   Teach us never to lose many good things which you have kept in store for us by neglecting prayer  life.

In Jesus  Name We Pray.


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