October 28, 2022

Hope & Future - Bro. T. Stephen

Proverbs 23:18, “There is surely a future and hope for you and your hope will not be cut off’.”  

I greet and bless you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The auspicious life giving word of the Lord, for today is from the book of  Proverbs 23:18, “There is surely a future and hope for you and your hope will not be cut off’.”  

Sometimes, when others disregard us, we say, ‘There will come a time for me as well” One day something good will happen to me’. We see that there is faith in this word. Surely a time will come for me. ‘Surely one day, I will receive a promotion’. I do not know if we talk such things knowingly or just speak words out of boldness. If you are speaking in this manner,   boldly, you must remember that the Lord is listening to this. Even if you have spoken out of anxiousness, ‘Surely there will come a time for you.”. Surely one day you  will have advancement’  in your life.  The Lord has recorded these words which  you have spoken in faith. That is why today, the Lord is telling, ‘Surely there is an end to your problems’. Your debts will come to an end. Your disease will come to an end. Your shame and failure will come to an end. Your hope will never be cut off. The Lord is telling that your hope will not go in vain. 

When you are broken   hearted,  the Holy Spirit that gives courage from deep within has made you speak words of hope. The Lord will perform a miracle in that matter. Are you unable to finish something you have started? Has your house construction stopped halfway through? Is your case regarding  your  property  stopped halfway through? Has your Visa,  which you had applied  for  still  withheld  for certain reason,  Is your education or ministry hindered halfway through? What is standing halfway through? Has your engagement and marriage hindered halfway?  Do you have no money? Do not worry? Today the Lord will help you to  finish what you are unable to finish and will help  you start,  a new beginning in your life. The Lord will perform great things  for you in your life in the coming days. So be bold and never lose hope in the Lord. Because your hope will never be lost.

Prayer: Loving Lord, we thank you!  Many  of  Your children are worried because they could not complete what they had  decided  to finish at the appointed time.    The Lord is telling, ‘Surely there will be an end to that problem. God will bring an end to all  your   problems.  God   will finish all that is unfinished in your life.   Surely there is an end. Your hope will not be cut off. You have said,  that , “ Even if you have faith  as  small as the  mustard seed and tell the  mountain to throw itself into the sea, it will be done.”  ‘Faith works miracles. . Your children have unshakeable faith in you. Fulfil all the desires of their heart. Let all their obstacles be broken. Let all the problems and court cases come to an end, Father, God. Let good things happen and may they be   blessed   in their life. 

In Jesus Name we pray,


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