May 21, 2024

Do Not Be Afraid - Bro. T. Stephen

My Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet and bless you all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified. On this day May 21st it is a great pleasure to meet you through this auspicious message. May the Lord bless you. Take with me from the book of Genesis 15:1,“Do not be afraid, I am your shield, Your exceedingly great reward.”

My Dear brothers and Sisters, One day the Lord visited Abraham and said to him, “ Do not be afraid, I am your shield, Your exceedingly great reward.” God spoke these words in a vision to Abraham. God told him that He was a great reward to him. Shield and reward. What does this mean, God assures him that He will provide Abraham complete protection. I will be a shield to you. There is no need for anyone. God did not tell that He will provide some angels for his protection. But He said, Abraham, “ Do not fear, I will be your shield.” God Himself became his shield. God did not permit anyone to touch him. God said, “I am your shield, Your exceedingly great reward.” That means, in whatever work he put his hand to do in all that he did, God was a great reward for Abraham.

Psalm 107:37 says, “And sow fields and plant vineyards, That They may yield, a fruitful harvest. He also blesses them and they multiply greatly. They will get good income and good reward. In their business, in their trade. God will give them high reward, for their hard work. God says, “I will give you good harvest. You will reap better.

The Bible says, God blessed Abraham in everything. In the same manner God is telling you today. That day the Lord spoke to Abraham in a vision, But today He is speaking to you through this Mangala Vaarthai, in your own homes. He says, “ Do not be afraid, don’t be afraid of anything.” Don’t be afraid of sickness, Don’t be afraid of your debts, Don’t be worried that good events did not take place in the appointed time. I will be your support. I will be your shield and Your exceedingly great reward.” Says the Lord. When God told Abraham, Do not be afraid, then it is understood that he had some fear. Otherwise, the Lord need not have to say that. Today if you have some fear about something, Then God looks at you and says, “ Do not Be afraid. I will be your support.” Therefore take away the spirit of fear and fill your heart with the spirit of courage.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, we thank You. Lord remove all the spirits of fear, and fill them with the Spirit of power. If they had feared something then let it not be for some harm or evil but for good. Lord be a good shield for all the children. Save them from disease, or from the hold of Satan, or from all evil bondages, and from darkness. And from witchcraft and divination. Lord I pray that you will protect them. You , will rise up for them as their shield and support. Keep them away from the pangs of death. Save them from accidents, and destruction. Protect them in all their ways. May your hand be with them. And let all that they do prosper. Help them to harvest an exceedingly great reward. May they take baskets of leftover.
In Jesus Name we pray.

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