December 7, 2021

BE HUMBLE - Bro. T. Stephen

Dearly Beloved,  I greet and bless you in the name of our Creator, Maker, and ever unforgettable Lord Jesus Christ. The Blessed word that the Lord   has given for you today is from the book of Genesis 30:22, “And Then God Remembered Rachel and Listened To Her And Opened Her Womb.”

From the above context we learn that Rachel  was  barren  over a long period.   Her long barrenness had probably humbled and disciplined her; for she no longer trusted in    “love-apples,” but looked to God for the great blessing of children. She knew that only God could open her womb and not her husband Jacob. Even her earthly means of pregnancy failed as  she had tried the method  of taking mandrakes, which was as big as a nutmeg. But  she could not conceive. Ultimately she turns to God Yahweh. All her selfish  feeling  disappears. She is no more jealous of Leah,  her eldest sister who had borne many children. God extended the period of barrenness, to teach her several lessons namely patience and complete dependence on God. He taught her humbleness of heart and fear for God and the truth is that they were influenced by the promises of God to Abraham; whose posterity was promised the richest blessings.

God remembered Rachel, in a way of mercy and kindness, whom He seemed to have forgotten, by not giving her children much earlier. But later,  God hearkened to her prayer, which had been made time after time, that she might have children; but  God had purposely delayed to answer, in order that   Rachel might    change in her attitude towards God. It was an outcome of the higher spiritual  life of Rachel  who thought that she could conceive without the help of God, by simply resorting to mandrakes.  And was now able to recognize her complete  dependence for offspring on the sovereign God of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob. Therefore God opened her womb; gave her conception, and made her fruitful, and she became the mother of a child she so much desired. God gave Rachel also a son, whom she named Joseph, because his birth not only furnished an actual proof that God had removed the reproach of her childlessness, but also excited the wish, that Jehovah might add another son.

Many of you who are reading this message are  anxiously waiting to receive the gift of a child. But for various reasons God has delayed in blessing you with a child. So like Rachel you too may try   all the  earthly methods of conception. You may have tried various modern methods but not able to conceive. So you are broken in heart. You are  living in shame like Hannah or Rachel and Elizabeth who   suffered from barrenness. The best thing is to lean on the Lord. Then the Lord will be merciful to you and open your womb and help you to conceive and bring forth a child. Instead of looking at horoscope, or going for magicians look at Jesus. He will clear all things for you. He who heard the prayer of Rachel, will answer your prayer also and help you to conceive and bring forth a son, or daughter. For the Bible says, God grants the barren woman a home and makes her a joyful mother of children. God Bless you.

Prayer:  Our loving heavenly Father,  we   thank   You   for  this  blessed day. Dear Lord, We  thank  You  for hearing the prayer of Rachel and blessing her with a Son. Teach us not to depend on earthly methods of conception, but rather to look up to God for offspring. Help us to put our confidence upon God. Teach us patience,  and humbleness of heart, not to be jealous of those who have children but wait on the Lord for His time of blessing.

In Jesus  Name We Pray.



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