February 3, 2022

Perfect health granted!

Praise the Lord, I am Annie from Nagercoil, My son was suffering from an infection in the forehead. The infection spread and reached his eyes. We admitted him in a big hospital and gave him treatment but the infection was still spreading. So, we went to Nagercoil prayer tower and prayed with a prayer warrior who prayed very earnestly with great burden for my son. At that very instant we could see a difference in my son’s health. He got up from the bed and walked and had some food. The swelling and fever in his body receded. Now he is in perfect health.  Moreover, I was without a job for 4 years. After I prayed at the Nagercoil prayer tower I got a wonderful job. I thank God for hearing the prayers interceded on our behalf at the Nagercoil prayer tower and healing my son and giving me a job. May His name alone be glorified.

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