August 1, 2022

God  restored my eyesight

Praise the Lord, I am Prakash from Mumbai. A few years back suddenly, I lost my eyesight. And despite doing several surgeries there was no improvement in my eyesight. Whenever Brother T Stephen came to Mumbai prayer tower, I prayed with him and slowly regained 50% of my eyesight. But since I still had impaired vision, it was difficult for me to work on computers, so I had to resign my job. I attended the “Aruthalai thedi orunaal” meeting and prayed with Brother T. Stephen.  What a wonder! An acquaintance of mine came to me and asked me to run his department stores and allowed me to pay for it gradually.  Today the Lord has blessed my business abundantly. My eyesight has also improved a lot. I thank God for hearing Brother’s prayers and doing these miracles in my life. May His name be glorified.

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